Seanomad Freediving School
Seanomad Freediving School

Freediving courses in Greece

Welcome to the website of Seanomad Freediving School, the begining of a wonderful journey in the uderwater world.

Freediving is diving while holding your breath. It is the most natural way of interaction with the marine world, it can keep you healthy and in good shape, to rediscover your abilities, to travel around the world and meet new friends.

Freediving gives you a sense of freedom like no other sport. It can help you take better underwater pictures, make your underwater hunting,  surfing or swimming safer; make your scuba dives longer; improve your breathing; and give you confidence out of the water in all areas of your life.

Seanomad offers high standard of education led by certified instructor. The focus of the AIDA freediving courses that we offer is to keep you and your buddies safe. Our courses are well balanced and cover theory, equipment use, pool skills and open water sessions.

Courses are thaught by certified AIDA instructors.