AIDA 2* Freediver Course | Seanomad Freediving School
AIDA 2* Freediver Course
AIDA 2* Freediver Course

This course is for confident snorkelers or swimmers who want to learn all the basic theory and techniques of freediving.
Гмуркане на потънал кораб в края на курса
The course includes:
-2 theory sessions during which you will learn the basics of Freediving physics and physiology; breathing for freediving, how to prevent blackout and how to rescue a freediver in trouble.
-1 breath-holding session during which you will practice breathing and relaxation techniques and you will be able to extend your breath-hold times easily.
-1 dynamic apnea session during which you will practice horizontal swimming and learn how to move efficiently.
-3 diving sessions during which you will practice equalizing, technique training, streamlining and rescue procedures. At the end of the course you will be able to freedive comfortably to depths of 15/20 meters.

Prerequisites: 18 years of age (16 with guardian’s consent), swimming abilities

Course duration: 2,5 days
Price: 250 eur*

*Price includes manual and certification card for the completed course. If you don't have personal equipment you can rent a full set for 30 euro for the course duration.

Usually we organize one extra dive (free of charge!) to a small shipwreck near Porto Koufo. Watch in HD a short video:

The spot where we conduct the open water dives (outside of the port):

Мястото, където се провеждат гмурканията

Map - Porto Koufo, Sithonia (Greece)

Вижте по-голяма карта

For more information: info {at}, +359 897 35 25 45

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